N0-Club x Motorama 2019

We attended Motorama this past weekend, March 8-10th; Toronto’s Custom Car and Motorsports Expo. We can confidently say, that hands down, it was one of the coolest and most humbling experiences we’ve had the honour of taking part in yet. To receive the respect and interest from some of the biggest names in the industry was incredible and the number of members that also showed up to show support, and meet everyone who is involved was surreal! We loved hearing your thoughts and excitement for the season opener, as well as your love for our merch!

Move in started Thursday March 7th, and was a very hectic day. Everything was up in the air as to whether we were going to be able to get this booth set up in time. The custom tent that we ordered didn’t arrive until 6pm that day, and really left the full set up down to crunch time. There were also a couple odds and ends that were missing that we knew we needed to get taken care of that night; needless to say it was a long night. Fortunately, we had a solid group of friends with us and we were able to knock this display out of the park and have it fully ready for Friday morning. It was also really cool to get a behind the scenes look at what goes into some of the elaborate booths that companies construct, as well as the opportunity to check out the immaculate custom vehicles on display without the large crowds.

Friday, as many people know, is generally when all the students and other companies come through. It was pretty crazy to meet the younger generation that is a part of N0-CLUB and that they couldn’t wait to get their own vehicles to really join in on the N0-CLUB movement. Many of them look up to our older members and said that the feel that N0-CLUB has created a space for them to learn from others as they get older.

Saturday, we had the whole crew present running the booth, our members were all stopping by like crazy and grabbing some of the newest merchandise that we had ordered to show off for the first time at Motorama. We had a loop of our previous meets going for those who wanted to know what goes on at our meets, new lanyards, and polarized sunglasses. We also took advantage of all the larger companies and networked for our Season Opener. Our goal is to be able to bring the best names in the automotive industry to our members at our season opener, and this event was a great opportunity to do that. We had several contests going on on our instagram story and featured the members who won. Some points during the day got so busy we couldn’t even believe the turnout we had, and the feedback from our members was amazing! We are so thankful to all our members and those who stopped by to learn about who and what we are.

Sunday, was a slower paced day, but was also a great opportunity for us all to get to enjoy the same show our members did. We had Eric Van Wyngaarden’s truck (@Eric_vw92) on display repping the n0-club banner all weekend, bringing even more attention to n0-club! Move out was a cluster to say the least. Trailers were lined up around the convention centre and all the vendors were beginning their booth tear downs. Luckily we had enough hands to make our tear down relatively quick. Once we got home, reflecting on this event, it was almost surreal that a small town group could have grown to this scale and only getting bigger. Truly was an inspiration to us, and a driving force to continue to create and bring the best meets/events possible for all our members to enjoy!

As we head into the 2019 Show Season, keep watch, as we will be attending larger shows as vendors, as well was shows in the states and we can confidently say that our Season Opener is going to be on a whole new level!


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