N0-Club & Brows Exhaust Giveaway Winner

N0-Club & Brows Exhaust Giveaway Winner

Greg Hodgin’s - owner of Brow’s Exhaust, first got involved with N0-Club when he installed an Axle Dump Exhaust on Biggsy’s Cat-eye Chevy Silverado; and let us tell you – the quality of work and customer service are both out of this world. We have never seen such clean and precise welds. If you’re just in need of patch on the stock exhaust -  take it to the muffler man; Brow Exhaust is for anyone who takes pride in their vehicle and wants to get a complete 100% custom exhaust that you can’t get from your local parts store. He can create and deliver EXACTLY what your looking for all while making you feel like your getting a grade A part installed in your vehicle.

We are always looking for new ways to give back to the members that rep the brand and make the group what it really is and Brows Exhaust is always on the look out for ways to grow his business. If you’ve been following N0-Club this past year, you would have seen that Brows Exhaust teamed up with us to offer the first unique giveaway for our members. We were honoured to be approached about the giveaway that Greg had in mind; a fully custom Catback Exhaust System for any vehicle out there valued at $850.00. Even the idea that we could be apart of a giveaway like this was mind blowing.

The way the contest worked was every $10.00 spent on the N0-Club online store got you 1 entry into the contest to win the exhaust. We also asked that you give Brows Exhaust a follow on Instagram because without him there would be no giveaway. The contest ran from August 22, 2017 until September 15, 2017. Over those 4 weeks we got over 100 entries – which was insane to us for our first giveaway. The Winner was announced at our Season Ender this year at the St. Thomas Raceway. Brow Exhaust was of course in attendance and had his booth set up right next to the stage. When awards were given out, Greg had the honour of being able to announce the winner of the contest- Travis Robinson. Unfortunately, Travis was not present at the ender but Greg reached out over Facebook to Travis and scheduled a time for him to come down for the Brows Exhaust experience. December 1st Travis brought his truck to St. Marys Ontario and received his custom Catback Exhaust on his 2015 GMC Sierra.  

Obviously we had to come down and meet the member that had won the giveaway as well as see the impeccable work that Brow Exhaust puts out every time. It was great to meet Travis for the first time and here about his experience with the giveaway. We obviously couldn’t resist doing a little interview with Travis to find out what his plans are for his Sierra and how he heard about both Brows Exhaust and N0-Club.

Q: So just for the people reading the blog, whats your full name, Instagram name and where are you from?

A: Travis Robinson, Instagram is @smallt93 and I’m from St Mary’s actually.

Q: We’ll start off with how long have you been a member of N0-Club and how did you get started?

A: I started in N0-Club basically when you guys did this giveaway with Greg. I was following Greg before and then he introduced me to you guys on Instagram. I started following you guys on Instagram and checked out some of your stuff on the website. Bought a t shirt and a toque [ha ha] and now here we are today and we got the truck up on the hoist. I saw a couple of your videos of the season ender and it just made me that much more interested in what you guys do and what your about. I’m really looking forward to your next meet; the season opener.

Q: What kind of truck do you have?

A: it’s a 2015 GMC Sierra V8 5.3 4x4 with a 2inch level in the front. I’ve owned it for about 2 years.

Q: Do you have any other plans for it?

A: Ya, we’re gunna do the headlights and color match the bumpers; right now they’re chrome, they’re gunna be matched to the blue metallic and then just black out the rest.

Q: Any plans for rims and tires?

A: I’ve got rims and tires for it already, these are just the winter on here right now. I’ve got 20x9 XD Monster’s wrapped in 33’’ tires

Q: So what exactly are you getting done for the giveaway?

A: I’m getting the Catback Exhaust 3inch tips out and in behind the tires underneath the steps. We live in the city so as far as the sound we’re gunna keep it pretty subtle but when I want to light her up, we’re gunna fire her up that’s for sure.

Q: How’d you hear about Brows Exhaust?

A: Brows is actually a local friend, he actually reached out selling shirts. I knew he had started doing exhausts but I didn’t realize he had started his small company- I thought he was still doing it, you know, for locals and friends. Then when I realized that hes got a business out of this now, I started following him. So I’ve been following him all year, watching his work. Hes done an amazing job for himself I think. He has definitely brought himself up. It’s kinda cool being in the shop that we’re in right now, looking where hes started and you know its only going to go up from here.

A Few days later we followed up with Travis to see how he was liking his new custom Catback Exhaust

Q: What do you think of your new custom Exhaust?

A: I'm loving the new sounds that the truck is making. It's a lot louder and cruising down the 401, it's a noise that I was able to get used to and after a little while didn't even notice it until I gave it a little gas. I can't see myself every getting sick of it and puts a smile on my face every time I fire it up. 

Q: Are you happy with the personal experience and work from Brow Exhaust?

A: Brows was amazing! Class act kind of guy. He was really flexible with scheduling and getting the truck into the shop. Ended up working through the weekend to get it done, so it was more convenient for myself. Coming from Toronto, it's not the easiest to get time off. So it was nice to be able to drop the truck off Friday night and pick it up Saturday. The work he did looks amazing too! It's an aftermarket exhaust with basically a stock look. I would definitely due business with Brows again. 

Q: Are we going to see this at the 2018 N0-Club Season Opener?

A: I haven't been to a meet yet unfortunately, but I don't plan on missing the next one!

We just want to say a HUGE thanks again to Greg Hodgins from Brows Exhaust for his incredible idea and unbelievable generosity. Without him this giveaway would not have been possible.  

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And keep checking N0-Club for more exciting events and giveaways!


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