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Season Closer 2018 - St Thomas Drag

Our biggest event to date. September 29th. The hype for this event leading up to it was pretty surreal. Who wouldn’t want to come and run the drag strip against there friends? We held it at St. Thomas Speedway, which was our second time being there. Having members scattered all over the place, we wanted to make sure we had a date set in mind that would land on a Saturday. That gives people the opportunity to make a long drive and hangout all day without having to worry about working the next day. This was also our longest event, 1PM-10PM.

By 10AM people were already lining up at the gate to try and get a few of the first spots. This event we were very prepared for the amount of volume our front gates would handle when they opened. We had some amazing volunteers working non-stop at this event to keep things moving quickly and efficiently.

Within the first two hours we were already nervous we wouldn’t have enough room judging by the amount of vehicles coming in. We held our Show & Shine and a crazy wide variety of builds entered. There was everything from crazy camber to cencal trucks.

I think thats the one thing we love about this group, is that there is a little bit of everything. It shows you how people can all come together to just have a good time and enjoy the passion.

The dragstrip was non-stop filled with people lining up to put some numbers down and go toe-to-toe with their friends. Our dyno was busy all day with everything from diesel trucks to slammed vehicles.

This was the event we ended up giving away our Giveaway Car we had been advertising since our Season Opener back in June. We had so many entries and only one person won at random. Turns out she was actually present at the event and got to come and check out her new car in person. More info will be posted about her and her new G35 when she comes to pick it up in the next few weeks.


All in all, this event was the best we’ve held to date. Things went flawless and people including us, had an absolute blast. Each event we hold we try to go bigger and better than the one previous. So be prepared for our Season Opener because it’s going to be something no one is going to want to miss out on. (Did I hear two day event?)


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Season Closer 2017 - St Thomas Drag

Well here it is! The video everyone, including us has been waiting so patiently for since the day of the event. We are super stoked to be able to give you all this awesome video to show a 9 MINUTE recap of the day. 

On September 17th 2017, we held our Season Closer. Being an up and coming group we are always looking for new and exciting things for our members. We want people to be able to come to one of our events and be blown away by what they have to offer. Being crazy vehicle enthusiasts ourselves, we love all types of meets. Meeting up with all of your friends in a local parking lot is always fun but why not actually try to give others something they can feel content coming to even if it means they have to do a long ass drive to get there?

Having an event at a dragstrip has always been the talk within groups trying to see who would do it first. Well obviously, N0-Club is going to step up to the plate and let everyone come hash out battles against each other and also see what their ride will put down on the strip.

We had the awesome opportunity to rent the St. Thomas Dragstrip and honestly, we'll do it again. It brought the fun back into events being there. You were able to run your ride down the track and really see what numbers you could put down. And then to top it off you could also enter in for the Show & Shine and compete against others in a ton of categories to try and claim a trophy.

The best part about the event though was seeing all of the different makes and models of vehicles. We had everything from SEMA trucks to daily drivers. Muscle cars to imports. There was every type of vehicle and style there and it was killer. 

We have to give huge thanks to everyone that came out to the event that day and we hope you all enjoyed yourselves! Thank you to all of the amazing volunteers who made sure that everything went completely smooth. Huge thank you goes out to all of the awesome vendors that came out and showcased their products in the Vendor Alley!


We hope you enjoy the amazing video of our Season Closer :) Can't wait to see everyone at the Season Opener next year!!


Video: @j3p.cinema


IG: n0club

Facebook: N0-Club

Twitter: n0clubmovement




Season Opener 2017 - Flamboro Speedway