About Us

Our Story

Nowadays, car clubs and truck clubs are extremely exclusive. You have to have a certain type of vehicle to be a part of these groups and it must look a certain way. The "scene" has become so judgemental and if your vehicle isn't "good enough" then you have to just sit back and hope and dream to have something nice enough that people will give you attention on. We hated the idea of segregating cars into specific clubs. Our hometown of Brantford Ontario, is small enough that there are only a handful of car clubs. Every club was all basically the same. Judging others and only accepting vehicles that they found eye appealing. This annoyed us as we thought everyone should be welcome in a group. Why put people down because of the way there vehicle looks? This is how it all started. N0-Club started out as just a banner we had made up for our vehicles to kind of signify to the car clubs that we didn't believe in there rules and beliefs. After a few months of getting "chirped" and trying to get our close friends to put banners on their cars, it finally kicked off faster than we could even imagine. Everyone loved what we stood for. We wanted people to feel welcome no matter what they drove because after all, the real reason people get into the car world is because of the passion vehicles bring them. We are now blowing up all throughout Canada and have members throughout the majority of the provinces. We are even hitting the United States and gaining members very quickly. We started as just a few simple guys that genuinely love all makes and models of vehicles. We don't care what you drive, as long as you're passionate about it than thats all that matters. We are bringing trucks to the car scene and cars to the truck scene which is amazing. Everyone deserves to feel a part of something and should feel like they can be proud of what they are driving. 

This is who we are. This is what we stand for.

Come join us on the exciting journey of the new Vehicle movement.