N0-Club Season Opener 06.04.17

The first official event to kick off the season was a massive success. Each event we host, more and more people attend. It honestly was insane how many people came out for the day for our Season Opener. 

Incase you missed it, or were at the event and really just want a recap this will quickly explain what went down.

First, the weather. All week prior to the event the forecast was calling for a heavy amount of rain the whole weekend and we were getting pretty uneasy about whether it was going to hold off or not. Planning and hosting an event this size is always a huge risk with what the conditions will be like on that day. You honestly just have to stay positive and pray that the weather is going to turn in your favour. We toyed with the idea of possibly having a rain date but quickly trashed that thought and said, "our members are gonna come rain or shine, either way its going to be a sick event" and we ran with it. The night before the event it started absolutely pouring and even into the morning it was still raining. About an hour before gates opened, the rain magically went away and that beautiful thing we call the sun decided to come out and give us some awesome weather.

When we showed up to the Speedway that morning to set up people were already in line waiting which we couldn't get over. It was insane to think that people were that committed and that excited to be coming to our Opener that they had to be there early. The line up at the gate moments before they opened was absolutely nuts. People were lined up all the way down the road and once we opened they just kept coming and coming. 

We quickly filled the entire inside of the track with our vendors and Show & Shine contestants and filled the entire perimeter of the track with all the other vehicles. The variety of vehicles was amazing, so many cool and unique builds all lined up together. The Show & Shine was definitely my favourite, being able to see all the passion people have put into their builds to make them their own. And of course it made a great spot for photos.

This year we wanted to make sure we brought something new to the table for our members. We hosted the Show & Shine and Burnout Competition just like last year, but we were proud to be able to bring in a Dyno for the day for people to come and put down some serious numbers. All throughout the day there was always something going on which seemed to keep people very entertained. 

The burnouts were hands down the crowds favourite part of the event. We had almost 20 contestants who literally roasted tires until they blew. The competition was based on crowd appeal and the winner definitely had everyones vote.

All in all, the Season Opener was a huge success and we had a ton of fun hosting it. We're so happy to see our members come out and enjoy themselves and see all the different types of builds. We can't wait for the Summer Event that will be released shortly. It's going to be wild.


A special thanks goes out to all of the amazing volunteers that helped out with everything we needed and to all of the vendors that came out to showcase their items.

Our awesome photographers captured some killer shots from the event.

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