The Very Start of the N0-Club Drift Trike Giveaway

Deciding we were going to build a drift trike for a giveaway was just the start. We had to start collecting all the pieces to get the ball rolling and luckily we had a great friend close to us come to help. Eric gave us the option to use some pieces off of an old Go Kart frame. Having that sport as part of his passion, he knew exactly what pieces we would need to make this thing wild. 

Here is the video of us picking up a frame and some other parts attached to take over to Greg at Brows Exhaust to get creative with. 

Stay tuned for our next video within the next few days showcasing exactly what Brows Exhaust did.


Remember, every $10 spent on the site gets you 1 (one) entry into the N0-Club Drift Trike Giveaway.