N0-Club Season Opener 06.11.16

This was our first official meet, we've had plenty of meets before this one and all of them were ones to remember. Woodstock was crazy both times, Milton was wild with all the crazy burnouts at the end, and then Brantford was the last sort of gathering before having the season opener in June. We wanted to change it up from the typical parking lot meet up that everyone does and make it an event, thats why we chose the Ancaster Fairgrounds. Car meets at random are a blast, don't get me wrong, we're all for the reckless shit that goes on, but at the same time every now and then we have to do something on the legitimate side to show we can be more that just hooligans. Everything leading up to the date was super hectic, this was new to us, we've never organized an event past a birthday party before, and there is a lot more to it than you'd think. The cost was a huge factor, and I believe thats a huge reason a lot of other groups just stick to the empty parking lot after hours gatherings, thats why we're giving a massive THANKYOU to anyone who's ever purchased anything to do with N0-Club, without all of that support and continued support we would'nt be able to do things like this. The night before was a massive bummer because every weather station you checked showed 80-90% chances of rain all day on the Saturday. That morning we all woke up super early anyway as it was a rain or shine event, and by some grace of god all the rain had cleared and it called for 30 degree sunshine all day. Every vendor showed up on time, everything was set up and when the event started at 11am vehicles started flooding in nicely filling up the place. It was a perfect mix of vehicles from slammed to lifted, race to off-road. The day went on, had a few giveaways and overall was a great turnout and an incredible learning experience. We raised a ton of money for the Hamilton/Burlington SPCA, and they had nothing but positive things to say about us and everyone who attended. We're really excited for what we have planned for the future. 

By : Dan Mulroy