The two guys to start this whole thing. Neither of us will ever take ownership of this thing because its not something we could have done without everyone joining and supporting the movement. Sure we would have rocked the banners anyway and continued to bewilder people who ask about it but in reality this took off because of everyone else. We took a simple idea of not wanting to be attached to a club, or follow suit with being trucks or cars only, and make the most ironic thing possible, N0-Club. Both of us are into anything to do with the automotive industry, just because we drive certain types of vehicles doesn't mean we should be classed as thats what we're into. This group going big was a shock to both of us, of course we know people like more than just certain types of vehicles, but we didn't know we could create an entire group based around the same principle. Another thing the two of us really loved was going to the old Ertefa meets before they went legit. It was like showing up in a Fast&Furious movie, cars, trucks, women, burnouts, music, racing, you name it. It was controlled chaos in a sense, and that is what we love about the car scene. After they stopped doing those meets everything calmed down, nobody was getting crazy anymore, it was a bunch of standing around in parking lots talking about bullshit. Had we known that with this idea that we'd be able to bring some of that controlled chaos back then we would have done it right away. N0-Club isn't a bunch of crazy people breaking the law, its a bunch of people who are into the same things and like to have fun with the toys they've built. 

Jack Petrovich - 2008 Dodge Ram 1500, 3.5" front lift, 2" drop shackles rear. sitting on 20x14" Fuel Mavericks powdered Dormant purple with high gloss flake, 2" spacers, short ram intake, fully custom built projector/halo LED headlights, full 3" header back to 6" axle dump exhaust, custom sound system, painted windows. 

Dan Mulroy - 2002 Volkswagen Jetta, lowered on FK coils, sitting on 18"s staggered 9.5"/10.5", -3/-8 degrees camber front to rear, half built motor, short ram intake, 3" turbo back exhaust, front mount intercooler, bov, GLI body kit, custom interior, painted windows.