N0-Club Season Closer 10.30.16

This was our final event of the year. We decided to give our members a little different taste of scenery and what place would vehicle enthusiasts go nuts for? A track. Yeah, we held this event smack dab in the middle of the Flamboro Speedway. Located in Hamilton Ontario, this racetrack holds many of its own shows throughout the seasons. We got in contact with the owners, who were very interested in the idea of hosting a vehicle enthusiast event. having a location picked and a date set is only just the beginning. The amount of work it takes to try and get a good event going for our members is like a part time job. But we love it. Since our last event back in June was such a success we learned a lot on how to better organize things so that people enjoy themselves being there and actually have something to do. Our biggest goal to give our members was a burnout competition. I mean who the hell doesn't like roasting tires and "ballin fer da gram"?! With the amazing support from Lafarge and one of our main guys, Jordan Biggs, we were able to get a concrete pad poured just for our event. The fact that the owners of the speedway were down for this was amazing. We had some amazing help prep for the pad and help pour it as well. The days leading up to any event we have are always nerve racking. Obviously we want to get as many people out as possible to show everyone what we are about and have people feel welcomed to this movement. however, There is always that thought in your head that no one is gonna show and this is all gonna be a waste. but really, that never happens for us because of the group of people we have supporting what we stand for. On the day of the event, people started swarming in very quickly, even though the weather was supposed to be pretty shitty, our members were dedicated to bring their rides and stick it out. our events aren't about whose got the "best" or "most expensive" ride, we'd rather focus on the people that pour there heart and soul into something they love regardless of how it looks or how much money is invested, because those are the true vehicle enthusiasts. We held our very first "show & Shine" and made sure our categories suited everyone who wished to enter. The burnout Competition was Definitely the highlight of the day and attracted a massive crowd of people. Everyone was just itching to roast their tires and i think the amount of smoke spoke for itself on how well it went. Everything that day went extremely smoothly and we could not have done it without the help of our amazing volunteers and especially our amazing members. Without you guys, we wouldn't be where we are today and wouldn't be able to host events like this. We seriously thank you guys and can't wait for the turnout on the Spring Opener 2k17!