N0-Club x Scrapin' The Coast 2019

We’re brought N0-CLUB down south again to Biloxi, Mississippi on the Gulf of Mexico! This time we checked out one of the WILDEST shows in the States; SCRAPIN’ THE COAST.

“Scrapin the Coast in Biloxi, MS is the south's largest and premier car, truck and bike show. Started in 2002, it has grown by leaps and bounds every year. Scrapin’ the Coast is one show you do not want to miss out on.” - www.scrapinthecoast.com

Our trip began at 7am the Wednesday leading up to the show weekend.

We had Jordan and Allee (@jwbiggs154 and @Jeepvixen) hauling Darryl’s truck down (@Killed4x4), Dusty (@Cammedandslammed) hauling Travis’s truck (@travis.birch), Ethan and Rachel (@Reiche_9 and @Rachel_henryy) diving his own truck and Greg (@brows_exhaust) along for the ride.

It was smooth sailing through the American Border and then we immediately encountered some torrential rain, and as you would expect, super tight road construction as soon as we entered Ohio. After that it was smooth sailing down through Kentucky and into Tennessee. We were about an hour out from Nashville when the rental trailer Dusty was hauling blew a bearing and started smoking- this was at about midnight.

Some quick mcguivering and some ratchet straps got us the rest of the way to Nashville, where we made the wrong decision on where to sleep for the night. We checked in at a Motel 6 but is was basically like checking in a R rated movie… and the rooms were gross, so we immediately got a refund and tried to find another hotel. Who knew finding a hotel on a Wednesday night could be so difficult, or that Nashville was such a busy area for hotel rooms…. LOL. We finally got a decent hotel and some sleep around 2am.

The next morning we fixed the rental trailer and were off to Gulfport, Mississippi. At this point we were about 8 hours out. As soon as you hit Mississippi, it’s like getting smacked in the face with humidity.

Show vehicles start to arrive around Thursday afternoon, be things start to get into full swing on Friday. There is a main stripe down on the beach that everyone cruises down, which leads to the coliseum, where the official show is held. We headed down to the the show grounds Friday Morning to set up the N0-CLUB space and chat with Greg Miller - the owner of the Scrapin’ The Coast show, as well as several other shows.

Saturday and Sunday’s quality of show was off the charts. Lowered car and trucks were of course present, as well as lifted trucks, side by sides, and more! We met up with a couple guys who came up from Houston, Texas to hangout for the weekend and get banners on their trucks. We had a blast with everyone, and even took home some hardware. Two guys from Texas with N0-Club banners took home 1st in mild dodge as well as 1st in wild dodge categories; and one of our own Darryl Timbers took home 1st in Radical 4x4 Category. N0-Club overall took home a trophy for the furthest travelled as well, which you can check out at our vendor booths at future shows.

Some of the paint jobs on the vehicles on display are worth more than the vehicle itself, they are insanely detailed and intricate. One guy who’s truck had an airbrushed clown design said the truck had over 20 coats of clear coat on it. Of course American Force and Fury Tires were present with all their sponsored trucks out on display, and all the other vendors had some great stuff to check out!

The show also had hydraulic demonstrations and a burnout competition; which Travis took home second place and jack and set of jack stands - which came in handy since he broke his truck in the process.The show also hosted an after hours event at the drag strip and had a night cruise happening all night on the beach strip. Everyone who came to say hello and see what N0-Club was all about was friendly and welcoming, some people even bought banner just because they liked what we stand for.

Once Monday rolled around it was time for us to head home, so we packed everything up and pointed the trucks North at 3am and made the long drive home encountering only one more torrential downpour in Kentucky before making it home to Canada.

Overall, if you are looking for quality show that is extremely well done and organized Scrapin’ The Coast is definitely one to put on your list. Whether you drive your truck down or fly in, there is something for everyone at this show, and the people are beyond welcoming. We made some new friends this year that might even make the trip north to come to the 2020 Season Opener and its safe to say that we will be heading back Mississippi next year!

Check out some of the photos from the show below!

N0-Club x Motorama 2019

We attended Motorama this past weekend, March 8-10th; Toronto’s Custom Car and Motorsports Expo. We can confidently say, that hands down, it was one of the coolest and most humbling experiences we’ve had the honour of taking part in yet. To receive the respect and interest from some of the biggest names in the industry was incredible and the number of members that also showed up to show support, and meet everyone who is involved was surreal! We loved hearing your thoughts and excitement for the season opener, as well as your love for our merch!

Move in started Thursday March 7th, and was a very hectic day. Everything was up in the air as to whether we were going to be able to get this booth set up in time. The custom tent that we ordered didn’t arrive until 6pm that day, and really left the full set up down to crunch time. There were also a couple odds and ends that were missing that we knew we needed to get taken care of that night; needless to say it was a long night. Fortunately, we had a solid group of friends with us and we were able to knock this display out of the park and have it fully ready for Friday morning. It was also really cool to get a behind the scenes look at what goes into some of the elaborate booths that companies construct, as well as the opportunity to check out the immaculate custom vehicles on display without the large crowds.

Friday, as many people know, is generally when all the students and other companies come through. It was pretty crazy to meet the younger generation that is a part of N0-CLUB and that they couldn’t wait to get their own vehicles to really join in on the N0-CLUB movement. Many of them look up to our older members and said that the feel that N0-CLUB has created a space for them to learn from others as they get older.

Saturday, we had the whole crew present running the booth, our members were all stopping by like crazy and grabbing some of the newest merchandise that we had ordered to show off for the first time at Motorama. We had a loop of our previous meets going for those who wanted to know what goes on at our meets, new lanyards, and polarized sunglasses. We also took advantage of all the larger companies and networked for our Season Opener. Our goal is to be able to bring the best names in the automotive industry to our members at our season opener, and this event was a great opportunity to do that. We had several contests going on on our instagram story and featured the members who won. Some points during the day got so busy we couldn’t even believe the turnout we had, and the feedback from our members was amazing! We are so thankful to all our members and those who stopped by to learn about who and what we are.

Sunday, was a slower paced day, but was also a great opportunity for us all to get to enjoy the same show our members did. We had Eric Van Wyngaarden’s truck (@Eric_vw92) on display repping the n0-club banner all weekend, bringing even more attention to n0-club! Move out was a cluster to say the least. Trailers were lined up around the convention centre and all the vendors were beginning their booth tear downs. Luckily we had enough hands to make our tear down relatively quick. Once we got home, reflecting on this event, it was almost surreal that a small town group could have grown to this scale and only getting bigger. Truly was an inspiration to us, and a driving force to continue to create and bring the best meets/events possible for all our members to enjoy!

As we head into the 2019 Show Season, keep watch, as we will be attending larger shows as vendors, as well was shows in the states and we can confidently say that our Season Opener is going to be on a whole new level!

N0-Club Season Closer 2018

Our biggest event to date. September 29th. The hype for this event leading up to it was pretty surreal. Who wouldn’t want to come and run the drag strip against there friends? We held it at St. Thomas Speedway, which was our second time being there. Having members scattered all over the place, we wanted to make sure we had a date set in mind that would land on a Saturday. That gives people the opportunity to make a long drive and hangout all day without having to worry about working the next day. This was also our longest event, 1PM-10PM.

By 10AM people were already lining up at the gate to try and get a few of the first spots. This event we were very prepared for the amount of volume our front gates would handle when they opened. We had some amazing volunteers working non-stop at this event to keep things moving quickly and efficiently.

Within the first two hours we were already nervous we wouldn’t have enough room judging by the amount of vehicles coming in. We held our Show & Shine and a crazy wide variety of builds entered. There was everything from crazy camber to cencal trucks.

I think thats the one thing we love about this group, is that there is a little bit of everything. It shows you how people can all come together to just have a good time and enjoy the passion.

The dragstrip was non-stop filled with people lining up to put some numbers down and go toe-to-toe with their friends. Our dyno was busy all day with everything from diesel trucks to slammed vehicles.

This was the event we ended up giving away our Giveaway Car we had been advertising since our Season Opener back in June. We had so many entries and only one person won at random. Turns out she was actually present at the event and got to come and check out her new car in person. More info will be posted about her and her new G35 when she comes to pick it up in the next few weeks.

All in all, this event was the best we’ve held to date. Things went flawless and people including us, had an absolute blast. Each event we hold we try to go bigger and better than the one previous. So be prepared for our Season Opener because it’s going to be something no one is going to want to miss out on. (Did I hear two day event?)

Below are some photos from our photographers. Feel free to save them and tag us when you upload them!

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N0-Club x Black Rebel Graphics Drift Trike Giveaway

With the frame fully built, parts off for powdercoat, we knew we needed something else to give this drift trike a unique look. With the progression of the car world increasing constantly, Hydro dipping is very new but already pretty well known.

We approached Mike at Black Rebel Graphics in Brantford, Ontario and he was fully onboard with what we were trying to create. Just like the powdercoat and the frame, we told Mike push the limits of your work and show every exactly what you can do with hydrodipping. Basically, go nuts and have fun.

The day we went and picked up the parts we were absolutely blown away. Mike and the team at Black Rebel absolutely killed it on the few parts we gave them. They showed some crazy colours with pearl and amazingly detailed patterns. The best part they did was the cover on the pulley for the motor which has a chameleon colour change to it. Seeing it in person really shows you how meticulous and professional his work is. Everything turned out absolutely flawless and definitely finished off the Drift Trike.

A massive thank you goes out to Mike and Black Rebel Graphics. If anyone is ever thinking of hydro dipping any parts of their vehicle, we highly recommend going to no one other than these guys. 

Here is a quick video of everything they did for the Drift Trike

To check out their flawless hydrodipping, here are their social media:

Instagram: @BlackRebelGraphics
Facebook: BlackRebelGraphics

***Every $10 spent on N0-Clubs website gets you ONE entry to the fully Custom Drift Trike Giveaway.***

Contest ends February 4th at 12AM EST.


N0-Club x RoRo Designs Drift Trike Giveaway

As nice as the fully custom frame looked in Stainless Steel, we knew we needed to really bring some colour to this drift trike. Ronan at RoRo Designs Powdercoating was fully on board with showcasing his amazing work.

The hardest part is always trying to figure out a colour scheme and we were honestly stumped. We left every single part possible with Ronan and told him to push his limits and create something wild. That's exactly what he did.

We could not be happier with how everything turned out and love how well his colour scheme goes. He showcased everything you can possibly do with powdercoat.

A massive thank you goes out to Ronan at RoRo Designs. If anyone is every considering powdercoating something on their vehicle, he is the ONLY shop you should take your stuff to. You'll always leave with your parts better than you could've imagined!

Here is a short video of everything he did to the Drift Trike for the giveaway.

To check out his flawless powdercoating work find him on his social media:

Instagram: @roro.designs
Facebook: RoRo Designs Powdercoating

***Every $10 spent on N0-Clubs website gets you ONE entry to the fully Custom Drift Trike Giveaway.***

Contest ends February 4th at 12AM EST.


N0-Club x Brows Exhaust Drift Trike

After picking up the pieces we needed, we headed out to the first sponsor of the custom drift trike, Brow's Exhaust. We didn't give much more than a "go nuts" attitude for the trike and that's exactly what Greg did. 

The attention to detail on building this completely custom frame is amazing. Everything was made out of high-grade stainless steel and the welds are as professional as they come.

Greg took our vision and turned it into something even better. Without him, we would not have the drift trike the way it is today.

A massive thank you goes out to Greg at Brows Exhaust.

If you need any exhaust work done on whatever vehicle you drive, he is seriously your guy! 

Here is a quick interview as to what he does and what he did for our Drift Trike Giveaway.

Make sure to follow him on Instagram! @brows_exhaust 

***Every $10 spent on N0-Clubs website gets you ONE entry to the fully Custom Drift Trike Giveaway.***

Contest ends February 4th at 12AM EST.


The Very Start of the N0-Club Drift Trike Giveaway

Deciding we were going to build a drift trike for a giveaway was just the start. We had to start collecting all the pieces to get the ball rolling and luckily we had a great friend close to us come to help. Eric gave us the option to use some pieces off of an old Go Kart frame. Having that sport as part of his passion, he knew exactly what pieces we would need to make this thing wild. 

Here is the video of us picking up a frame and some other parts attached to take over to Greg at Brows Exhaust to get creative with. 

Stay tuned for our next video within the next few days showcasing exactly what Brows Exhaust did.


Remember, every $10 spent on the site gets you 1 (one) entry into the N0-Club Drift Trike Giveaway.


N0-Club Drift Trike Giveaway

N0-Club has teamed up with three amazing companies to build something completely custom and totally crazy. We've been leading up to bigger and more exciting things as giveaways as we love to show our members how much we appreciate them and try to come up with new ideas to reward them. We thought, how cool would it be if we gave away a motorized drift trike?! Immediately we asked our top three companies to see what their thought was and they were 100% on board.

With this trike giveaway, the rules are pretty simple. 

1. Every $10 spent on our website gets you 1 (ONE) entry.

2. Go to Instagram and FOLLOW all FOUR accounts that built this thing and LIKE our AD post on each of their pages ( we're checking :) )

It's pretty easy and who wouldn't want this thing?! I mean come on this thing is absolutely wild. 

Brows Exhaust BUILT the entire frame out of stainless with just an idea in his head and made it so damn unique

RoRo Designs went absolutely nuts on every piece we gave him to show off all his different Powdercoating options

Black Rebel Graphics showcased something totally brand new by Hyrdrodipping and adding a Blue - Green Chameleon scheme in the paint






DISCLAIMER: Contest will run until February 4th 2018 and winner will be announced. Winner is fully responsible for picking up the drift trike. Drift trike can be shipped at winners expense. 



N0-Club & Brows Exhaust Giveaway Winner

       Greg Hodgin’s - owner of Brow’s Exhaust, first got involved with N0-Club when he installed an Axle Dump Exhaust on Biggsy’s Cat-eye Chevy Silverado; and let us tell you – the quality of work and customer service are both out of this world. We have never seen such clean and precise welds. If you’re just in need of patch on the stock exhaust -  take it to the muffler man; Brow Exhaust is for anyone who takes pride in their vehicle and wants to get a complete 100% custom exhaust that you can’t get from your local parts store. He can create and deliver EXACTLY what your looking for all while making you feel like your getting a grade A part installed in your vehicle.

We are always looking for new ways to give back to the members that rep the brand and make the group what it really is and Brows Exhaust is always on the look out for ways to grow his business. If you’ve been following N0-Club this past year, you would have seen that Brows Exhaust teamed up with us to offer the first unique giveaway for our members. We were honoured to be approached about the giveaway that Greg had in mind; a fully custom Catback Exhaust System for any vehicle out there valued at $850.00. Even the idea that we could be apart of a giveaway like this was mind blowing.

The way the contest worked was every $10.00 spent on the N0-Club online store got you 1 entry into the contest to win the exhaust. We also asked that you give Brows Exhaust a follow on Instagram because without him there would be no giveaway. The contest ran from August 22, 2017 until September 15, 2017. Over those 4 weeks we got over 100 entries – which was insane to us for our first giveaway. The Winner was announced at our Season Ender this year at the St. Thomas Raceway. Brow Exhaust was of course in attendance and had his booth set up right next to the stage. When awards were given out, Greg had the honour of being able to announce the winner of the contest- Travis Robinson. Unfortunately, Travis was not present at the ender but Greg reached out over Facebook to Travis and scheduled a time for him to come down for the Brows Exhaust experience. December 1st Travis brought his truck to St. Marys Ontario and received his custom Catback Exhaust on his 2015 GMC Sierra.  

Obviously we had to come down and meet the member that had won the giveaway as well as see the impeccable work that Brow Exhaust puts out every time. It was great to meet Travis for the first time and here about his experience with the giveaway. We obviously couldn’t resist doing a little interview with Travis to find out what his plans are for his Sierra and how he heard about both Brows Exhaust and N0-Club.

Q: So just for the people reading the blog, whats your full name, Instagram name and where are you from?

A: Travis Robinson, Instagram is @smallt93 and I’m from St Mary’s actually.

Q: We’ll start off with how long have you been a member of N0-Club and how did you get started?

A: I started in N0-Club basically when you guys did this giveaway with Greg. I was following Greg before and then he introduced me to you guys on Instagram. I started following you guys on Instagram and checked out some of your stuff on the website. Bought a t shirt and a toque [ha ha] and now here we are today and we got the truck up on the hoist. I saw a couple of your videos of the season ender and it just made me that much more interested in what you guys do and what your about. I’m really looking forward to your next meet; the season opener.

Q: What kind of truck do you have?

A: it’s a 2015 GMC Sierra V8 5.3 4x4 with a 2inch level in the front. I’ve owned it for about 2 years.

Q: Do you have any other plans for it?

A: Ya, we’re gunna do the headlights and color match the bumpers; right now they’re chrome, they’re gunna be matched to the blue metallic and then just black out the rest.

Q: Any plans for rims and tires?

A: I’ve got rims and tires for it already, these are just the winter on here right now. I’ve got 20x9 XD Monster’s wrapped in 33’’ tires

Q: So what exactly are you getting done for the giveaway?

A: I’m getting the Catback Exhaust 3inch tips out and in behind the tires underneath the steps. We live in the city so as far as the sound we’re gunna keep it pretty subtle but when I want to light her up, we’re gunna fire her up that’s for sure.

Q: How’d you hear about Brows Exhaust?

A: Brows is actually a local friend, he actually reached out selling shirts. I knew he had started doing exhausts but I didn’t realize he had started his small company- I thought he was still doing it, you know, for locals and friends. Then when I realized that hes got a business out of this now, I started following him. So I’ve been following him all year, watching his work. Hes done an amazing job for himself I think. He has definitely brought himself up. It’s kinda cool being in the shop that we’re in right now, looking where hes started and you know its only going to go up from here.

A Few days later we followed up with Travis to see how he was liking his new custom Catback Exhaust

Q: What do you think of your new custom Exhaust?

A: I'm loving the new sounds that the truck is making. It's a lot louder and cruising down the 401, it's a noise that I was able to get used to and after a little while didn't even notice it until I gave it a little gas. I can't see myself every getting sick of it and puts a smile on my face every time I fire it up. 

Q: Are you happy with the personal experience and work from Brow Exhaust?

A: Brows was amazing! Class act kind of guy. He was really flexible with scheduling and getting the truck into the shop. Ended up working through the weekend to get it done, so it was more convenient for myself. Coming from Toronto, it's not the easiest to get time off. So it was nice to be able to drop the truck off Friday night and pick it up Saturday. The work he did looks amazing too! It's an aftermarket exhaust with basically a stock look. I would definitely due business with Brows again. 

Q: Are we going to see this at the 2018 N0-Club Season Opener?

A: I haven't been to a meet yet unfortunately, but I don't plan on missing the next one!

We just want to say a HUGE thanks again to Greg Hodgins from Brows Exhaust for his incredible idea and unbelievable generosity. Without him this giveaway would not have been possible.  

Make sure to follow Brows Exhaust on Instagram  


And keep checking N0-Club for more exciting events and giveaways!






N0-Club Season Closer OFFICIAL VIDEO

Well here it is! The video everyone, including us has been waiting so patiently for since the day of the event. We are super stoked to be able to give you all this awesome video to show a 9 MINUTE recap of the day. 

On September 17th 2017, we held our Season Closer. Being an up and coming group we are always looking for new and exciting things for our members. We want people to be able to come to one of our events and be blown away by what they have to offer. Being crazy vehicle enthusiasts ourselves, we love all types of meets. Meeting up with all of your friends in a local parking lot is always fun but why not actually try to give others something they can feel content coming to even if it means they have to do a long ass drive to get there?

Having an event at a dragstrip has always been the talk within groups trying to see who would do it first. Well obviously, N0-Club is going to step up to the plate and let everyone come hash out battles against each other and also see what their ride will put down on the strip.

We had the awesome opportunity to rent the St. Thomas Dragstrip and honestly, we'll do it again. It brought the fun back into events being there. You were able to run your ride down the track and really see what numbers you could put down. And then to top it off you could also enter in for the Show & Shine and compete against others in a ton of categories to try and claim a trophy.

The best part about the event though was seeing all of the different makes and models of vehicles. We had everything from SEMA trucks to daily drivers. Muscle cars to imports. There was every type of vehicle and style there and it was killer. 

We have to give huge thanks to everyone that came out to the event that day and we hope you all enjoyed yourselves! Thank you to all of the amazing volunteers who made sure that everything went completely smooth. Huge thank you goes out to all of the awesome vendors that came out and showcased their products in the Vendor Alley!


We hope you enjoy the amazing video of our Season Closer :) Can't wait to see everyone at the Season Opener next year!!


Video: @j3p.cinema


IG: n0club

Facebook: N0-Club

Twitter: n0clubmovement



N0-Club Season Closer PT.3

Without a doubt, our Season Closer this year was the biggest event we've had to date. We opted to give our members something new and have them come run the track for times, or even just to call the bragging rights against their friends.

This last and final teaser is just a quick taste as to what our Season Closer was like...


Special thanks to the St. Thomas Dragway for allowing us to host this event, and to all of the volunteers that made this thing possible!

Video: @j3p.cinema

Instagram: @n0club

Facebook: N0-Club


N0-Club Season Closer Teaser PT. 2

As everyone is becoming extremely eager to see the final full video of the Season Closer we just recently held, we thought we would throw out another teaser to give you a taste of what happened that day! 

Here is PT.2 to our Teasers.



Special thanks to the St. Thomas Dragway for allowing us to host this event, and to all of the volunteers that made this thing possible!

Video: @j3p.cinema

Song: $uicideBoy$ feat. Pouya - Cold Turkey

Instagram: @n0club

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N0-Club Season Closer Teaser


Without a doubt, our Season Closer this year was the biggest event we've had to date. We opted to give our members something new and have them come run the track for times, or even just to call the bragging rights against their friends. This teaser is just a quick taste as to what our Season Closer was like...

Special thanks to the St. Thomas Dragway for allowing us to host this event, and to all of the volunteers that made this thing possible!

Video: @j3p.cinema

Song: Whoever U Are - Night Lovell

Instagram: @n0club

Facebook: N0-Club

N0-Club & Brows Exhaust Giveaway

One of our good friends Brow's Exhaust has generously given our loyal members the opportunity to win an $850 custom Catback Exhaust System for their vehicle. This includes any type of vehicle.

Everyone is always looking to save up and spend their money on a new part for their vehicle, and exhausts are usually one of the first few things anyone does. It's always tough trying to find a reputable shop to do the finesse work. Luckily, Brows Exhaust is your dream shop! He makes sure that each and every person gets exactly what they want. Using only the best custom 304 stainless steel, he welds every connection on the entire exhaust so that it is seamless from one end to the other. If you're looking for something that looks better than a factory exhaust and yet is 100% custom, Brows Exhaust is the company for you.  

Our members that have already done business with this great company have nothing but great things to say about the product and the man who runs the business!

If your interested in seeing some of his work, give his Instagram a quick follow @brows_exhaust - you wont be disappointed!


It's super simple. Every ($10) spent on our website gets you ONE (1) entry to the draw. Buy a banner for $20 and thats TWO entries!! Contest will run until 09.15.17 at MIDNIGHT




Brow's Giveaway AD-01.png

N0-Club Season Opener Video

Here is the much anticipated video of our Season Opener from the beginning of June. We had an absolute blast at this event and couldn't get over the turnout! We hope everyone that made it out had just as much fun as we did and if you didn't end up making it out, this is what you missed! 

You don't want to miss our next event!


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Video: @j3p.cinema

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Youtube: @N0-Club


N0-Club Season Opener 06.04.17

The first official event to kick off the season was a massive success. Each event we host, more and more people attend. It honestly was insane how many people came out for the day for our Season Opener. 

Incase you missed it, or were at the event and really just want a recap this will quickly explain what went down.

First, the weather. All week prior to the event the forecast was calling for a heavy amount of rain the whole weekend and we were getting pretty uneasy about whether it was going to hold off or not. Planning and hosting an event this size is always a huge risk with what the conditions will be like on that day. You honestly just have to stay positive and pray that the weather is going to turn in your favour. We toyed with the idea of possibly having a rain date but quickly trashed that thought and said, "our members are gonna come rain or shine, either way its going to be a sick event" and we ran with it. The night before the event it started absolutely pouring and even into the morning it was still raining. About an hour before gates opened, the rain magically went away and that beautiful thing we call the sun decided to come out and give us some awesome weather.

When we showed up to the Speedway that morning to set up people were already in line waiting which we couldn't get over. It was insane to think that people were that committed and that excited to be coming to our Opener that they had to be there early. The line up at the gate moments before they opened was absolutely nuts. People were lined up all the way down the road and once we opened they just kept coming and coming. 

We quickly filled the entire inside of the track with our vendors and Show & Shine contestants and filled the entire perimeter of the track with all the other vehicles. The variety of vehicles was amazing, so many cool and unique builds all lined up together. The Show & Shine was definitely my favourite, being able to see all the passion people have put into their builds to make them their own. And of course it made a great spot for photos.

This year we wanted to make sure we brought something new to the table for our members. We hosted the Show & Shine and Burnout Competition just like last year, but we were proud to be able to bring in a Dyno for the day for people to come and put down some serious numbers. All throughout the day there was always something going on which seemed to keep people very entertained. 

The burnouts were hands down the crowds favourite part of the event. We had almost 20 contestants who literally roasted tires until they blew. The competition was based on crowd appeal and the winner definitely had everyones vote.

All in all, the Season Opener was a huge success and we had a ton of fun hosting it. We're so happy to see our members come out and enjoy themselves and see all the different types of builds. We can't wait for the Summer Event that will be released shortly. It's going to be wild.


A special thanks goes out to all of the amazing volunteers that helped out with everything we needed and to all of the vendors that came out to showcase their items.

Our awesome photographers captured some killer shots from the event.

Be sure to give them all a follow on instagram!

@robsonvisuals       @danmulroy       @elevated_images