* Information will be added as we receive questions. Please feel free to send us any questions you may have.


  1. What are the dates for the Season Opener?

    A: June 8th and 9th

  2. Where is the Season Opener?

    A: Jukasa Motor Speedway located at

    901 Haldimand Road 20
    Hagersville, Ontario
    N0A 1H0

  3. Will you have merch and stickers for sale at the event?

    A: Yes!, we are going have all the merchandise in our current inventory as well as a few new items not yet released available for purchase both days of the event. Items will not be held and are on a first come first serve basis while quantities last.

  4. What events are happening at the Season Opener?

    A: This year we’re bringing in bigger events that merge all type of the automotive industry; we’ve got an custom built Off-Road Obstacle Course at the back of the property for 4x4 vehicles, a Time Attack Course on half the oval track, and the return of Minute to Win It- which will have a bigger grand prize this year.

  5. Are there any vendors this year?

    A: Yes! the infield of the track will be packed with all kinds of vendors that service all aspects of the automotive industry.

  6. Are there washrooms?

    A; Yes there are washrooms located outside of the track near the camp grounds, about half way back to the off-road course.

  7. Is the event dog friendly?

    A: Yes! We love when people bring their shotgun riders along! Just please keep them on a leash and clean up after them. Also bare in mind that the infield of the track is asphalt and can get quite hot during the day, so be sure to bring them over to the Merch tent to get some water, and cool their paws down on the grass area.

  8. Is the event Family Friendly?

    A: Yes! We gear our demographic more towards the 18-30 age range but we also encourage families to come out and check out the event! its a great way to get your kids into the vehicle world!

    Camping FAQ’s

    1. Is camping available?

    A: Yes! Since this is our first two day event, Jukasa Speedway is offering camping from Friday June 7th - Monday June 10th.

    *Please be aware that even though camping is being offered for the Friday and the Monday surrounding the event, there will be NO N0-Club events happening on either Friday or Monday. The off-road course and the track will be off limited at these times.

    *Jukasa Security will be present and will have a zero tolerance policy. If you are being a nuisance, disrespectful, etc. you will be asked to leave, without refund of any kind.

    2. How can I book a campsite?

    A: Campsite can be booked through https://www.jukasamotorspeedway.com/shop/June-8-9-c32946014

    3. How many people can I have on a campsite?

    A: Since the campsites are being offered and controlled by Jukasa Speedway, their rules apply; one vehicle per site and up to 6 guests per site, at least one person must be 18 years of age.

    4. Can I bring an RV to camp in?

    A: Yes, there are campsite options for both RV with and without power and water options.

    5. Is the price of camping included with admission?

    A: No, the price of camping is not included in the admission price for the event, Since the camping is hosted and controlled by Jukasa, the prices are separate.

    6. What is the price of camping?

    A: RV Campsite (30 amp electric & water) - $90.00; RV Campsite (15 amp electric & water) - $80.00; RV Campsite (No Utilities) - $70.00; Tent Site (No Utilities) - $60.00

    7. If there is only one vehicle per site where can we park the rest of our vehicles?

    A: There will be an overflow parking lot available on the property that will be monitored by Jukasa’s Security team.

    *N0-Club and Jukasa Motor Speedway are not responsible for damaged, lost or stolen items

    8. Are there Showers at the event?

    A; Yes! There are showers located in the bathroom building near the campgrounds.

    9. Will I be able to get food in the morning after camping, or do I need to go into town for that?

    A; Yes! We have the Rotary Club coming in Sunday morning to serve a hangover breakfast to all our campers, with all proceed being donated to their charity!

    Off-Road Course FAQ’s

    1. Where will the Off-road Obstacle Course be located at the event?

    A: The Off-Road Obstacle Course will be located at the back of the property past the campsites and the washrooms.

    2. Is there an extra cost to take part in the Off-Road Course?

    A: Yes, there will be an extra cost to enter the Off-Road Course, we anticipate options for a single pass, day pass or weekend pass. Once the course is built, pricing will be announced.

    3. Can I bring an ATV or Dirt bike for the Off-Road Course?

    A: No, Jukasa has rules against ATV’s, Pocket Bikes and Dirt bikes on the property. We want to keep our aim for the off-road course towards the vehicle industry and do not want ate’s and dirt bikes interfering with the larger vehicles on the course. However, we will allow side by sides. There will be zero tolerance for driving these vehicles after-hours, and if you are taking a vehicle in the off-road course the vehicle will not be allowed into the Track with the show vehicles.

    4. What can I expect from this off-road course?

    A: There will be dirt mounts, hills, whoops, ruts, concrete blocks, rocks, logs (hopefully), uneven ground, a short treelike trail, and maybe more! We will know more once the course begins to be built.

    5. What kind of vehicle can I take through the course?

    A: We will allow you to take any vehicle through, however, you will be solely responsible for any damage done to your vehicle and/ or other vehicles. There will be extensive waiver that need to be signed before admittance to the course.

    6. Is there an age limit?

    A: You must be 18 years or older in order to sign the waivers that will allow you to have admittance. If you are younger, you will need a parent or guardian to take sign for you.

    7. What if I get stuck?

    A: If you get stuck there will be a crew available with skid steers to help pull you out. However, they will NOT do any of the rigging or hooking up to your vehicle. You are responsible for hooking your own vehicle up, they will only be pulling you out. The recovery crew is also not liable for any damage/injuries that individuals or vehicles.

    8. Is the course only for highly built off-road vehicles?

    A: No, there will be variety of levels. If you approach an element that you do not feel comfortable attempting, there will be an option to drive around it.

    Minute to Win IT FAQ’s

    1. Where/how can I register?

    A: At www.n0club.com in our shop section. Registration will be open Friday May 10, 2019 at 6pm. You just need to add the minute to win it item to your cart and head to check out. You will receive a confirmation email shortly after. We will have copies of all who have purchased their spots but please bring a copy with you the day of the event, in case there are any discrepancies.

    2. How much is it enter?

    A: each spot is $130.00 and is NON- REFUNDABLE

    3. What if I purchase a spot and find out later that I can’t make it anymore?

    A; Unfortunately, the spots are non-refundable. You may sell your spot to someone else if you can no longer make it. Just make sure to notify us if you need to change the name on the registration.

    4. Do I get to pick which order I go in?

    A: No, you will need to check in the day of the event, and based on the order of check in, is the order that you will be allowed to go in.

    5. How am I judged?

    A: We have changed the way the event will be judged this year. Rather than king of the hill style chosen by crowds cheers, we will be randomly selecting a diverse group of judges from our spectators as judges. They will give you a score based on certain criteria such as; amount of smoke, technical driving, number of donuts, presentation etc. Whoever get the highest score at the end of the day will win.

    6. What are the Prizes?

    A: First Place will take home $3000.00 cash and Second Place will take home $1000.00

Time Attack Road Course

  1. What is the Time Attack Road Course?

    A: The Time Attack event will be set up on Saturday on half of the oval track. Contestants will line up through the pits to wait their turn to go. it will be coned off turns and sharp corners, that contestant will try to drive through as fast as possible. Each contestant will be timed and the individual with the fastest time wins! The set up is subject to change if needed, but this is the basic idea.

  2. Can anyone enter the Time Attack Event?

    A: Yes anyone can enter the event, however there will be tight turns and sharp corners that a larger vehicle may have difficulty maneuvering through. Drivers assume all liability and responsibility for and damage done to their vehicles when participating in this event.

  3. Is this a Drifting event?

    A: Drifting is possible, but the event is intended to be a time trial type of course, rather than a drift course.

Show & Shine

  1. What are the Categories you can win?

    A: A list of Specific Trophies will be announced soon, however, this year there will be significantly less categories to win in. This year we are going to be doing a TOP 30 Category.

  2. How is the event judged?

    A: After a couple years of testing different ways of judging, we have come to find the best way to judge the event is to be judged at a booth. So the Show & Shine will take place on Saturday, when you enter the track half the track will be for Show & Shine contestants. You will pay when you enter that side of the track at which time, the judges will take a look at the vehicle you are entering and you will be able to speak with the judges and point out aspects of your vehicle that they have missed. After you are judged, you may go ahead and park and enjoy the rest of the day without worrying if your vehicle has been missed or did not get judged fairly.